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Power 150 kW
Torque 160 Nm
Speed 9000 rpm
Rated voltage 850 V
Rated current 550 A
Efficiency 98%
Current density 12.5 A/mm2
Motor weight 35 kg
Stator OD 255 mm
Cooling method Stator: oil; Rotor: air

This motor is a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor type and uses our PolyWave Two-phase
technology. The technology is flexible to allow for other than sinusoidal wave operation with specific
advantages some of which are listed below.

  1. The air-gap is of constant depth and flux is uniform. (Unlike sinusoidal flux distribution, the airgap is better utilised with full flux).
  2. The square-wave drive configuration has very simple Power Electronics, therefore cheaper,
    lighter and low part count for reliability and minimum or no maintenance.
  3. This technology has built in simple pick-up coils giving instantaneous speed and infinite position
    signals. (Not need for resolvers or hall sensors. Cheaper, less part count, less maintenance,
    more reliability.)
  4. All phases are energised 100% of rotation unlike in BLDC motors but as in 3-phase PMSM
  5. This technology has zero cogging. (Better quality torque).
  6. Motor or generator stator windings are extremely compact with minimum end windings. (Less
  7. Gravimetric and volumetric power and torque densities are comparable and in cases superior to
    existing, high-end, state of the art sinusoidal driven, three-phase Permanent Magnet
    Synchronous Motors.
  8. The two-phase configuration is markedly simpler in construction and operation than current
  9. In the 2-phase alternator configuration the output voltage may be rectified with simple, passive
    semiconductors (diodes) to give a high-quality, ripple-free DC current.
  10. Armature windings are of the concentric type which are simple to mass produce.
  11. In a 3-phase alternator mode the output is high quality sinusoidal 3-phase current. This is not
    possible with existing turbo generators, windmills or hydro driven alternators.
  12. The torque output is high quality, ripple-free, on par with high-end sinusoid driven motors.